let's hustle.

so… you’re burnt out? I can tell.
a little burnt
dried purple dahlia… dried up dignity. Oh, no.
not motivated, huh?
having a hard time keeping up, are you?
Slacking a little?
Are you totally exhausted?
Picking fights? throwing punches? dodging them?
Over working? not working?
What the hell is wrong with you? come on baby, get your butt moving!
well, ok. have cigarette first… i’ll wait. :)

and remember…

“you only live when you’re alive and you’re alive when you’re breathing…and something meaningful  to cheer you up and pretty trees and flowers to help you make it through your really shitty day.” -inspirational quoter

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1 comment for “let's hustle.

  1. Dave Cova
    August 20, 2014 at 20:29

    I gather you thought very hard about your words here? Thank you for the inspirational quote. “Since I have a good hold of reality now, I am going to choke it”. (Yes, it’s ok to laugh!)

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