long day, big coffee

today…. it will be a long day. so,  i’ll start with no nonsense.
but if i stumble upon some, then i’ll shake it off  and kick whom ever gets in my way to the curb. :)
i have no time or energy for waste, to waste.
and this day…as heavy as it is…has a ton of good stuff to offer.  has lots and ounces of hopes and goodness and when i’m done…. then, i’m done.
but i’ll start with a big cup of coffee.

(and a little half and half….shhhh)
it has a good scent….my coffee.

and you? how will you start your day ?

hmmm…. this is your fortune today:  this is a good time for you…. keep up the good work.
i can do much better than this.
i will inspire you and motivate you, dammit. if it kills me….
take two:
your smart ass or witty remarks and  differences of opinion and your unclear point of view will get in the way.  you will speak your mind in a way that challenges everyone else. but, your mind is so complex and your reasoning is non existing.  so…. i think this is pretty good.
um… lemmethink.

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