love and other circumstances (because it’s Valentine’s day, almost)

When my friend and I were chatting the other day,
we talked about when someone’s big smile is noticeable.
We notice when he/she compliments everything and everyone around him or her.
He or she finds good and beauty in everything. All. The. Time.
Finding beauty in everything isn’t unusual.
What’s unusual is when he or she talks about how beautiful everything is in every single breath.

“…In love,” is our first thought.

And we thought of people who fall in love once in a while. Or once only.
Others who seamlessly flirt in every breath and comment and conversation.
And, others who fall in love quite often! All the time.

Some people fall in love all the time. They never fall out of it. It seems.
They add more love(s).
That must be magical. Complicated, but magical.
Well, it’s magical but a little painful when someone’s heart gets broken.
Though magical all the same.
The butterflies. The confusion. The scattered-brain.




When we’re in love, it’s like being high. A little like a drug. Actually, a lot like a drug.

  1. We talk and talk about the other person, always wanting to bring them up in a conversation. Why do you find any excuse to bring them up!!!?
  2. You always think he/she is so UNIQUE.
  3. You’re like a roller-coaster…up and down.
  4. You’re empty and stressed, and giddy and euphoric and scared.
  5. You reorder your priorities.
  6. You try to impress him/her
  7. You daydream about the future.
  8. You want to share good news (or any other small event) with him/her
  9. You take interest in what he/she does. all the time.
  10. You feel sick
  11. You feel invincible
  12. You feel paralyzed
  13. You feel beautiful.
  14. You feel like your life is crumbling to pieces
  15. You feel like you’re being blown away.


When you’re out of the magical spell of love, well, it’s a little sad.

Funny, when you’re in love at any time and with anyone chemicals and hormones are released in the brain that affects our behavior.
And all our reason is lost.
Our impulses take over, and all is visible, and discretion is gone.
Completely lost.

We get so high, and it’s euphoric, and sometimes we don’t realize how unreasonable we become.
We’re high, and we ‘hallucinate.’ we become compulsive feral beasts. :)

And if you and your partner stay high on love and hallucinate together, that’s pure magic, because this high of being ‘in-love’ doesn’t last forever.
Well, unless you have a genuine connection, then, in that case, his/her brain and your brain will always be releasing chemicals that will keep you high together at the same time.
And, NOW, that’s uncanny and a little enchanting.



So, hang on to your dopamine and oxytocin and your glass of champagne, and keep on with magic spells and sexy rituals.
Or something. :)

Because Valentine’s day is for running and kissing, and loving.

And being in love is for dreamy, romantic fairy tales which shouldn’t be interrupted by distance and life’s uncontrollable phases and couple’s differences and the occasional conflict.

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