love in the time of e-beau-o-la-la and the digital age chat rooms

so… handsome is what handsome does, right?
and, love, well, is it Valentine’s day, yet?

it’s hard to imagine but i wonder if people find ‘love’ online?
a friendship?
a connection?
it’s hard to imagine but i wonder if people can be technologically inseparable?
a friendship?
a business relationship?
online meeting?

it’s a little doubtful. probably.
because i imagine that people hide behind carefully crafted words that are masked.
or hide behind a veil of ambiguity.
rush with beautiful charming words to everyone they encounter?
multiple faces for multiple people? like two-face.
or hide behind anything. hide behind any matter.
and people may think and interpret stories and words differently.

but maybe that’s one way to control the population and sexually transmitted diseases. tech-y-love

i guess.
or people may rush to say everything they want to say for fear of not talking to their e-love soon enough.
maybe they go online only when they are bored. maybe they get on the fone only when they are lonely.
i don’t understand. love and companionship and relationships…friendships… they just happen and evolve.

or maybe they call or go online because they’re living in the moment?

hmmm… mysterious. for some people it’s just fun games, i guess?
doesn’t matter, though. i like people. and my god,  the heart and the brain… it’s more than awesome.
what’s inside there? i wonder? i like people, totally. (within reason, anyway)

/random thoughts

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