Melt and blossom (day 1)

Newness and the never changing world of…
Day one and the bogus resolutions spew out. Give me a fucking break. Self assessment… personal growth and honesty with one self…
Uh, yah..the truth is you break apart and break down and break your resolutions. So bottoms up..and cheers!
Honestly. ..jeez… this year grow a pair and have a little courage to break your resolutions early enough. and call me when you do. I’ll either highfive you or laugh and point at you.
Either way, we can celebrate and finally breath… and say , “fuck it!, you only live once and you love a few more times than that!!”

So personal growth and honesty? Meh… ptooey…spit spit!

Once a bad guy, always a bad guy.
What’s another personality.
What’s another drink.
What’s one more cigarette.
All these fail… these resolutions. ..
Lose some weight
Find a good man/woman.
Hit the gym.
Be treu to myself….
I mean, really?

Markers… I still think we need them but to have all these resolutions and goals… and feel as if you need to start them on january first…well, seems a bit predictable and mind-numbing. Maybe.
Or maybe I’m just fried. Or tired of…. whatever it is you do or say or show me. (And, vice versa.)
Yawn and boring…

Melt and Blossom
Maybe we should all just melt every year on December 31st, and at midnight on the january 1st, we should all be back more solid and more alive, and different…  let’s blossom.

Melting away… no need to worry…I’ll come back more solid and more alive and more… oh, i don’t know…something something… who knows.

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1 comment for “Melt and blossom (day 1)

  1. Steve
    January 3, 2015 at 06:59

    The “r” word is for suckers…

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