mirror mirror

oh nooooes! i broke a mirror. what does this all mean!?

seven years bad luck?

should i throw some salt over my left shoulder? wait. or is my right one?
should i kill a rabbit? get his foot?
should i carry a #7 or look for a four-leaf clover?
go buy a maneki-neko?
I don’t know!
should i take out an old dream catcher or make new one? or wear a horseshoe?

If “luck is believing you’re lucky? ” then bad luck is believing you’re what?
me: claudia, i broke a mirror. not good.
claudia: how did you break it?
me: i don’t know.. instant karma. i was being a unreasonable (bitchy) mom with Alex and i might have said something hurtful. then i turn around somehow i knocked off the mirror off the wall…
claudia: it happens.
me: one of my friends said to step on dog poop!? yeah, right! when does my bad luck start?
claudia: it’ll start when you want it to start. but if you have to step on dog poop, i’ll put something on top of it so you don’t get it on your feet.
me: i love you claudia. i’d do the same for you.


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