my limited time and lack of interest in shopping…

Clear bottles

rope around some necks… roping bottles…it’s what the non-cowgirls do.



closing down the beach foto by Sarah

closing down the beach


beach, dani, alex, laura foto by Sarah

at the beach with my cuties

laura at the beach foto by Sarah

she seems a little too happy. :)

You can buy it at the store…

BUT. who wants to be at a store when you can spend the day outside?

I know you can buy things at the store.
But, I figure, I drink wine, and well, I want to paint something. And I know these bottle can and should go to a recycle bin,
but, I can use these as outdoor dining table candle holders.
So, as inefficient as it may seem, it’s not. Our world is full of stuff, and well, I had paint. And lots of bottles.
I think these bottles are curvy and pretty and I didn’t want to let these go.
And currently, I’m in pink and red and purple mood. My favorite color has always been shades of bleu, but I am a big fan of all kinds of color.

You can go shopping all day,
or, not.
And who wants to shop when you can sit on the sand, see dolphins on the beach, have food and drinks with friends, listen to the waves, or hear the kids laughing or friends and family talking.
This day was some day.
Beautiful. It seems like a smile as big as a whale.


Beach fotos by Sarah.

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