my sunday best: being fooled

i fell for the oldest trick in the book. last night when i got home late i could not find my toothbrush…so i went to bed without brushing my teeth.  yuk. i am a pig. dios mio! umm…right, as if i’ve never done that before. as if YOU’ve never done that before…

anyway, where was I? ah, yes. my dirty teeth. So  I went to bed without brushing my teeth.  the next morning I get up an realize my tooth brush and toothpaste are side by side…neatly on the counter. perfect, i thought. why i had not seen those here the night before was puzzling. probably too tired to notice, i figured. BUT NO! it was those darn kids. i squeeze the toothpaste out and start to gently brush my teeth. i think i might have had my eyes closed a bit… you know how that is? just a little tired and trying to go with the motions, right? oooh but, the strange taste in my mouth made me open up my eyes nice and wide!!!
aaaah the taste of relish on your teeth first thing in the morning! oooooh you bad kids…. i’ll get you yet!

my sunday best: relish toothpaste

as if that was not enough..
after hanging outside for a while, i came back in only to have this thing fall on my head as i opened the door.
fool me once… blablabla…
fool me twice… fuckdamnshit! aaaah!!! (yes, im such the lady when it comes to spiders!)

my sunday best: fuzzy spider

yes… we get fooled. fooled and conned by someone tricky individuals…just as tricky as we are. but i think im one step ahead. not that it matters…it’s the training i’ve had so i should always be one step ahead. i go with the fool’s/foolee’s/fooler’s flow.

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