My Sunday Best: my trips, the places I’ll never go & madness

(Um, yes, i tripped!)
muddy trip

I was walking by the muddy puddle.
And I wondered if you wanted to jump in there with me and travel to another world.
but, i remembered..i am too preoccupied trying to keep my head clear and above water to even think of traveling to another world.
So, never mind.

muddy trip

And, it made me a little sad knowing that there are so many people to know and so many places to go and I will not reach them all. and it got so overwhelming…this simple little thought made my head spin and my eyes close…
So, never mind.

i finished my walk and took a nap.
and, instead of visiting other worlds, i dreamed of you.

(Um, yes, I like my trips!)

muddy trip and trees reflecting-

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