My Sunday Best shelved and suspended

What are we missing?

And, why has it left?

And what do you want?

These are not words of love or hope.
For clarity, it’s a question about the things that grow.
And about the things that won’t grow. Anymore.
We forget the right things and focus on the tedious and monotonous things.
We focus on doing the things that earn us money to go places.
And yet, we go nowhere because we’re too busy earning money to go places. :)

We obsess on the things that end without an explanation. The things that cripple us and leave a small wound.
The things that linger and leave you lost with undetermined thoughts.

Suspended and shelved. It’s how we can feel. Sometimes.
But, at least, we look pretty, and feel pretty, and do pretty while we are shelved and suspended.


shelved and suspended. laurabiasini adn-wp




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