my Sunday best: where the kids are

a sunday besties-blues… and reds and pinks…
the good people around us make all the difference. so, hey, remember that.

Friday… with Wendy and Deana and a glass of wine on the front porch. antidote for a long week of nonsense and work.



“are you strong enough to be my man…”

Saturday…. with Dan and Wendy and their super nice bestie, Peter the guitarist… a cure for the saturday rush and with trying to keep up with the babies’ social life.  So… a little sheryl crow music event in the IE never hurt any body.
merci, Peter for hooking us up :)

“If it makes you happy…”

sherylcrow, peter , band

“…so much for pretending…”
  nice night in the great outdoors with some pretty cool tunes.

sheryl & peter

and Sunday… well…
i go where the kids are. with Jeannie… and a little big hug and little big words… and seeing all the babies’ faces… makes everything all good. complete. all you want to do is keep ’em safe and teach ’em everything you know and more.

the babies

crazy big babies

Then…I go to Gina’s… where the big babies are. coffee and words… and voila! love is in the air…
love to see all of our big babies grow up…

a weekend of emotional teens and  rambunctious , yet , uber cute, 10 year olds. lots of crazy excitement around here.
so, today…

“I’m gonna soak up the sun…” 

the goodlookers

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