There are days!
You know those days?
The ones when you can’t catch up?
Those days when you are so tired of scrambling?

Inhale and exhale.

Those days when you’re feeling completely lost in a world that keeps on racing and rushing with or without you.
The world spins and the rats compete to the finish line.
Go, rat, go!
I don’t feel like a rat.

How much do we want?
How much is enough?
Well, I’m talking about those days!

One moment you’re excited about a new project, and the next moment you feel stuck. Hopeless. And, worst of all, helpless.

I can’t direct you to any particular reason why I feel this way?
Sometimes, there is no reason.

As I work from my home, I open the front door.
NOISE. Yet another house being built.
Months and months of commotion. Of dust. Of Noise.
I open my back door to enjoy the patio.
DUST and commotion.
Drilling in the cement.
Gardeners with their gas blower wars, “Here is the Misses’ dirt and dust. TAKE IT…”
Wars! Knowing that tomorrow that dust and dirt will come back from the other gardener’s blowers.
An endless battle with a pungent scent of gas.
And, like most senseless battles, such a waste of time and effort and energy.

Wasted resources?

Not to mention how harmful and unhealthy it is. The daily exposure can be deadly.
Oh, and did I mention our environment?
NOISE. DUST, racing and scrambling.

And, if that’s not bad enough, there’s so much noise in the internet.
Notifications and text messages and emails.
These make us lose sight of what we’re doing and what is important and relevant.

Our need to keep up and stay relevant is a bit pathetic. Sad, really.
Shouting for attention. Competing for significance.
Look at me. No, look at me.
Like mine. No! Like mine.
Noise, it takes away our creativity.

Spoken like a true aging woman?

Oh, dear.
Actually, If my thoughts define my age, then, I’ve always been old, I guess.
So, I’ll go for a ride. I’ll add to the noise.