Many of us are naturally positive and optimistic–
Always acknowledging the beauty in others.
Always noticing the good around us.
But, even the most optimistic person, gets stuck.
They feel their light dulling.
Sometimes for days, weeks, and even for years.
Hell, we may even get lost!
But, it’s okay.
Getting lost is fun.
And scary.
And exciting.
And dark and gloomy.
But, it’s okay!
Because we should know that when we are lost, even if we don’t find ourselves immediately, we will find something.
We’ll find a way.
The way.
or Any way.
A path.
A road.
A word.
A person.
A moment.
That SOMETHING will bring us back stronger, and brighter.

There will be times when you may need a little help, a little light to guide you.

So, my offering is “sparkles”

I hope these candles help remind you that, even when you’re feeling lost or dull, you will shine on.
Because you are the light of your own beautiful life.
You’ll have a spark in you that is so damn powerful, it’ll jump-start you out of bed each morning.
And, you should start each day being brilliant!

And, no matter how bold and bright you are, you should never dull your light just to let others shine bright themselves!
Instead, share your light and share your sparkle
Be so bright that you’ll light up, not only your own world, but someone else’s world.