…pero no trabajando

Sometimes when i’m hiking during ‘work’ hours, I sing these little songs in my head, from C’est si Bon, to Little Apple Blossom, to Me and My Gin and get all mixed up with Gin & Juice (i mostly sing the clean parts of snoopDogg’s in my head),…And i get back to Bessie with some Careless love (mostly when i trip on a rock or when I see a cyclist without a helmet) …
then i get into.. Running Bear when i’m at the river, to smashing young man and i get into 1979…to gypsy in my soul… and so much more… ( i don’t need an ipod or spotify, i guess)

and , then , i hiked with dani and alex on a monday…. and the hike up made me think of a time when i was hiking in mexico. i was going up and a donkey was hiking down with his saddle full of his person’s belongings. this was in the state of Jalisco. in a town next to Tequila… I think it must have been at dawn.
so i broke into a little jingle…
i had this song, Quiero Amanecer,  in my head…

(the vid may take a while to load, oops sorry)
fun afternoon with my Peanut and my Bou… i tell ’em it’s nice to take paths with pretty flowers… but it’s a little exciting to find dirt paths. a little dirt is okay and a little exciting. well, as long as you’re careful and use good judgement. … that’s life… fields of paths…pretty with flowers or tricky ones and some with dirt… all that good stuff.



(i didn’t get upset when the girls asked me to stop singing or dancing, either. parents are supposed to embarrass their kids. it’s the right of each parent)

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3 comments for “…pero no trabajando

  1. Steve
    April 24, 2015 at 04:47

    You have a lot of cool songs in your head. Must be very entertaining to walk/hike/run with you.

    • laura
      April 28, 2015 at 15:23

      Hi. Hmmm. May be entertaining. :) I mostly sing in my head only.

  2. Steve
    April 24, 2015 at 04:48

    opps, forgot to check the “notify” box.

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