perspective (video)

the confessional. the door is  open. but i will charge you. i accept payment in valuable information, only.
and i keep it in a jar.
i won’t use it against you (or me!).
but , you should know, i never forget.
yes, i have a difficult time remembering trivial information. games, rules, song titles… but mostly i remember words i heard , i read, i like , i dislike, expressions on faces and on paper.
so, i remember.
it’s not pretty.
it’s actually brutal. there are times i don’t want to remember.
i don’t want to think of or remember the number of times you repeated a phrase or two to me and to 2 or 10 other people. it’s monotonous. i’m not sure i would call that boring or even say it (or you) lacks creativity, but it’s definitely repetitive. for sure.

incense  cones hugging

i will, however , dispose of your words when i run out of space or strength to hold on to them,
i think that’s even more brutal, though.
well, because, then , i forget everything. faces, places, all is erased.
it all becomes your memory and not mine.
it’s what one would call, (just to give it a name, and nothing scientifically proven) selective amnesia.
actually, i don’t select that. it just happens. when my brain is overloaded and my heart is heavier, my brain adjusts itself to something simpler. something that gives it comfort and … and stimulation and ideas. effective ideas and creativity and something tender and new and real with copious amount of truth…

(not that i deserve it!- but not that i don’t)


that’s just true and simple and nothing complicated and unreachable.
your thoughts and words can be received loud but not clear… only misguided and misdirected. and perhaps that’s who you are… a misleader with an ego the size of texas (big:not to be confused with big as canada – i like canada) and charms for miles and a wit deficit.
Anyway , i like the words you’ve once said and continue to say as long as you step to the confessional and well… the words are in a jar and sometimes they sway and twirl through the air when i play with them. your words.
it’s fun. before i forget them.

twirls and swirls


incense.. in sense… ins ans.. in cents…
I hope this lifts your spirit. maybe.
scents of the great outdoors with citrus trees and red sequoias… use your imagination.
and… speaking of imagination and the “confessional”…
drop down and gimme twenty hail marys! and what ever else you see fit. :)))

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