It’s happier.
Running in the rain.
The scent of the earth and the trees saturated in last night’s rain.
Submerging your thoughts—Pushing them down.

You’re creating these moments.
Keep going.
Shoulders down.
Push through.
Breath in.
Breath Out.

This downpour, with its force, makes you doubt yourself.
Your hesitant steps, splashing reluctantly.
Nature, with its might, is kicking ass, taking names!
Focus, push through this rain.

You’re creating these moments.
Loosen up.
You’re okay.
Breath in.
Breath Out.

This downpour makes you feel raw.
And you boldly run alongside it
You’re uninhibited.
Stronger, yet humble.

You’re creating these moments.
Up and down.
You’re unafraid.
Push through.

This downpour, with its strength, is evil. Carefree.
It knocks you down, reminding you that you are dust.
It’s humbling.
It’s lonely and messy.

You’re creating these moments.
Shoulders back.
The day is yours!

This downpour is dominating, invigorating.
Reminding you that you can throw a punch.
It’s alleviating.
Nature, with its might, is restoring!