First things first
No, yeah,
This can’t wait until tomorrow.
I wanted to tell you that I’m lost.
Broken, even.
But I’m good.
Hanging on
Taking a drop to your health,
To mine
To refuel my soul,
To heal my brain,
My heart.

Yea, no.
I can’t tell you that today.
Today I’ll miss you again.
Ridiculous suffering
Ridiculous longing
And, what for?
For nothing, and
For everything
For this sweet memory
Something that, in the end
Brought nothing but tension,

No, yeah,
This can’t wait until tomorrow.
And, what’s worse?
I think you liked me better when I was
Light and airy.
Not when things got heavy
And a drag.
I’d let you have all your time.
Light and airy and heavy and moody.

yeah, no.
I won’t tell you all this today.
The thought sounds terrifying.
I’ll hang on tight.
Today will slip away once more.
I’ll sit here and miss you terribly again.
I’ll tell you tomorrow, definitely.