rain, sleet and the attempt at a love poem. (VIDEO)



These words are a love poem for you
to let you know someone loves you without regrets,
Without expectations, without pride.
It’s only pure and genuine love.
Who knows where this love came from?
Or when this love happened?
Or how love began?
Love can’t answer these questions.
In light or darkness, in public or secret.
In a lonely house, in a crowded space, there is love for you.
It’s enough that you are loved.

And, when you find that this love poem is true and only for you,
you’ll feel a little fire and a desire.
And without fail, you’ll feel happy.
Or a little bitter.


And then my girl sent this to me: (she saw it on the socials somewhere)
“Eat the Spaghetti to Forgetti Your Regretti”, so I made pasta! hee :)

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