searching for “The mood-regulating neurotransmitter serotonin god” – Ways to cope with the Short Day Blues

Dear mood-regulating neurotransmitter serotonin god,

Hi, it’s me.


Moody. You know, because Autumn is here. That’s all.

Hey, the short days are here.
So, are you ready?
Here is a list on how to handle the short day bleus.

  1. Get that good music out and pretend it’s summertime by the lake.
  2. Get to the grocery store and grab your self some oranges.
  3. Get out to the nursery and smell some lavender. And bring some home.
  4. Get out some candles and light up the house. The kitchen, too.
  5. Laugh at everything. Anything. At me, even.
  6. Smile. A lot.
  7. Snuggle with a baby or kitty or dog.
  8. Take a walk. Not on the wild side. Just a walk. Look at other people and or trees.
  9. Dress up. Or just get dressed. You look a mess. :)
  10. Smoke.
  11. Drink wine.
  12. Sit outside and burn palo santo (for the scent and to keep mosquitos at bay).

That’s it for now


Well, here are the ones that never made it on the list above.

the underground list:

  1. Have wine. Walk around with the bottle in one hand and your very full glass in the other. And don’t share.
  2. Make soup and thinking about adding poison to give it to stupid shitty people.
  3. Punch a bag and punch a person.
  4. Roll your eyes when they cry.
  5. Get snarky and spit at them.
  6. Don’t say, “I don’t mean to offend you…”. Instead, say, “listen here, bitch, if my words offend you. the get the fuck out…” Or something like that.
  7. Turn on some music and dance but don’t spill your wine. You’ll end up spending time cleaning stuff just like you do on a daily basis.
  8. Shout ‘fuck off!’, at anyone. Everyone.
  9. Complain about the fucking world. And our poop president.
  10. Wonder about TP’ing your racist neighbors’ homes. Wonder about key’ing their cars, too.
  11. Hate the world.
  12. Whine and drink.
  13. Run until you think you’ve gotten blisters. But don’t get blisters. They make you run slower.
  14. Come home and drink champagne and smoke a cigarette. Hide while you do the latter and complain that you have to hide because ‘smoking is bad.’
  15. Think about how you can let all the farm animals loose and free. And how chaotic that would be. And laugh madly. Like, excessively and maniacally. Madly.
  16. Find a quiet spot get some candles and other mystical stuff and put curses on shitty people.

Palo Santo: burn responsibly. Don’t let it be extinct.

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