simple little things

a little reminder…
i never really appreciated the thanksgiving holiday. not as a child (so much) , nor as an adult. still really don’t. I don’t really appreciate being taught false information about the pilgrims meeting nice indians who taught them the ways farming and survival… etc. etc., (blah blah blah…)
hey, did someone forget to tell us about the decimation of millions of native tribes/peoples? did someone forget to tell us about the mass murder and the stolen lands of  the natives? why are we not mourning the natives on this day? wasn’t this what this holiday was meant to be in the first place? seriously. how can we make a celebration of injustice?



 i do like… gathering with family and friends, cooking and preparing a feast –great or small. and a day off !

i take this day as a reminder to really be thankful (yes, like many people do).  i will admit i am not a big spender. i don’t like to shop for (what i call) frivolous things. don’t get me wrong, i like to go to the stores and look around , but  i do it more for inspiration and to keep up with trends and colors and scents and to people watch… etc.
although… i do like to shop at the thrift stores! the world is full of so much stuff already… let’s just reuse it. and i do like the antique stores, and the smaller boutiques… it’s like a surprise in there. a treasure hunt and it’s fun to put things together!
so…this black friday! kills me. what the hell, les americans!? we spend all day feasting and over indulging…STUFFING our fat faces with too much food and pretending to be thankful for the things we have. Then… we go out with the masses and shop and trample on each other …killing or getting killed over some things that we were just ‘thankful’ for. really?


so… i think to myself and take myself to happy places and thoughts …

… i think of simple things that i really enjoy. little pleasures. I don’t really go out to look for them, they just seem to happen and i happen to smile and hold my breath a little each time they occur.  it’s not complicated…
my simple things.

  1.  taking fotos. with any type of camera device , really.
  2.  swinging on a swing with you eyes closed (your stomach feels like when you’re in love…)
  3. the smell of dew in the morning (reminds me of visiting my grandmother after rainy day when the ground is still wet)
  4. hanging out all night with a good drink and a good friend
  5. a slow and timeless night with a handsome man
  6. hearing the ocean waves
  7.  helping a pal 
  8.  hot chocolate
  9. freshly baked cookies
  10. holding hands
  11. watching the sunset and not letting the other part of you ruin it by telling you it’s so cheesy :) 
  12. a slow gentle sunrise 
  13. saying the same thing simultaneously and then saying ‘jinx’ simultaneously , too.
  14. walking in to a clean and cozy house
  15. breezy days
  16. the sound of the wind
  17. smiling at a person passing by
  18. soaking in an awesome view 
  19. the first cup of coffee
  20. the evening cup of coffee
  21. listening to what you dreamed last night
  22. hearing interesting (true) stories
  23. hearing a little song that just takes you somewhere
  24. receiving a postcard
  25. waking up at 330 in the morning and smile because you don’t have to get up yet
  26. getting a blanket straight out of the dryer. yum!
  27. folding paper airplanes and flying it at someone
  28. looking at other people’s self portraits. more so when you like and know the people
  29. drinking water from the water fountain at fryman cyn. mmm. mm. m.
  30. clouds in the sky.
  31. find heart-shapes in just about anything
  32. reading a page turner in a few hours.
  33. trees
  34. foggy days — walking  through the fog
  35. long walks and hikes and runs.
  36. kids asking you to tie their shoes

hmmm… wonder what and where your happy places are ?

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