let's play in slow motion, please !

I’m not one to ever say “i love dogs!” , “let’s get a dog”, or “oooh , puppies!”, etc etc.., but, when i gave up  and , finally, said okay to a puppy,  it was  only because, aside from being  outvoted -three against one, we met Juno. she had a connection with dani and alex. ok, so maybe she would have had that same connection with other people, but maybe not!
good girl, juno and my dani. she has a ton of love to give.
(side note: dani is the only girl i know who feeds crickets from her hand. and Alex is the only girl i know who used to feed tortillas to the crickets. Juno, well , she eats the crickets.)

anyway… when i saw dani sleeping with the pup , it made me think for a quick second….
time just jets by. it doesn’t feel like a fast plane, though…feels more like a speeding train. you can actually feel the speed of it.
when i see how much love a child has for another young , living thing, i feel like watching , every thing they do in slow motion. don’t grow up so fast, i want to say. i want to see their ventures in slow motion. not really pausing so much, just slow enough to make it last a long while.
BUT, when i think of that, when i consider all this “….slow motion …time flies”  shit ….i , suddenly, realise my age. damn. only old people  realise and say stuff like this! but i guess that’s the thing; i want to  realise it so i can  remind my babies to enjoy every second …enjoy as much as possible…venture on…. enjoy your life. love.

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