someone and moralizing (day1)

to someone without love. to nobody i love.
and you’re no one that i speak of.
you don’t even know her.
you don’t know her favorite drink or if she likes roller coasters. 

you don’t wake up next to her. and you’ve never even met her. 
she doesn’t know where you live. and doesn’t know if you like sweaters.
and it’s too late to know each other and you’ve both wasted so much time.
she wants to tell you she can lift you, like a dream ,so sublime.
and you don’t understand the meaning of her words.
she wants wings to fly to you and she realizes she’s a bird.
always high.

P1130822 one hawk.
and you tried to make an effort. but you never bothered looking.
and you’ve lived your lives apart. and to you it’s all the same.
a love that was misprized. no importance to this game.
and she thinks that you lack morals. and you knows she’ll never love.
and to nobody i love,
you understand hysteria.

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