someone’s at the (back)door.

someone came in through the backdoor

When you have known a person for a while, and they tell you,
You are their friend, and you consider that they are your friend.
But, for some unexplained cryptic reason,
they still refer to you as “someone” to all their other friends,
well, that’s when you know, you should stop being that person’s “someone.”
hee. (are you still with me? or did I lose you, again?)

But, really, “someone” is for a person you don’t know.
It’s for a person, you ran into at the subway. At the market. At the gas station.
“Someone” is a person you held the elevator door open.
“Someone” is a person you vaguely ‘acknowledge’ in your in-depth conversations.
“Someone” is for an unidentified person. for a person not known to you.
“Someone” is not for a friend. Well, unless your friend is a secret.
Or you’re trying to have more “someones” in your life,
and you’re using this word, “someone,” as a clear description that your “friend’ is a little random and unknown to you and perhaps just “someone” you bumped into that day.
“Someone” is not anyone at all, just a “someone.”

But, then again, there’s someone for everyone.
And, well, then there’s that person that is SOMEONE.
An influential someone. That, special SOMEONE that inspires you.
But that’s another type of someone. And that’s another story. :)

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