stuck in the middle

i may have middle child syndrome. i don’t know. i mean, my sisters tell me… i do. i only listen to the good parts of it. i’ve learned to negotiate and compromise without even trying. i think that (again this is sister’s point of view) she may be right. i always say: whenever, whatever, when you can, when you want.
is it just my personality or is it because it’s i’m the middle child? and then, i get to thinkin’! fuck… i’m always second.  and it sucks.

heart wired caged


then, my friend…
she puts me in my place… she tells me that being the middle child makes a person more tolerant. and see things differently. the middle child prefers to see rather than to be seen. (UM, what ever!)

she said: the middle child –it’s about being more relaxed ..and with all the comprising and negotiation i’ve been accustomed to, i’ve been the more social one. the one that always makes time for people (friends, family, small talk, etc).
it’s about living and survival at the same time…and being a less complicated person. a person who enjoys all things great and small.

well… i do like that! so thanks for that, my awesome friend. (again, i only listened to the good parts… i hmmed and covered my ears for the rest.)

meh. what. ever.

heart hill and wine and sunshine
meh, i don’t know… it sucks. i want to be first. i want to be complicated and get my way. but, alas…. the first ones have taken my place. and, so, here i am, second and sometimes, third. sigh. but…i do like being in the middle….it’s cozy. i get snuggles and squeezes and sometimes smothered.

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