Let’s wave to Mr. President…

President Obama on Magnolia ave..while we stood by the Tacobell. My Glamorous life
He was on his way to Laurel Cyn

11May,edit: here are some fotos i took while i hiked fryman cyn today.

phone_11052012_0945 ONLY $50.00 a Plate , Mr. President.

saw this sign at the bottom of the hill at this cute house. but hmmm… $50. a plate still seems a bit much for me nowadays
Well.. at least it’s less than… what was is it ? 40K  (?) to enter and eat and socialize with the president…
he raised a ton of money…. this man.
oh, the life of the rich and famous… so glam. ha.


p20120511-094448I love this house. and i like their signs.


Breaking down the party.

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