the art of waiting and the high status latecomers (day6)

When we wait patiently or anxiously and have nothing more productive to distract us, we just sit around and wait. waiting, but for what? and is it worth it?
not sure. I mean a selfish person who idles his/her way toward you… meh… is probably not worth it.
but, there are other people and things and situations that are worth the wait. i’m pretty sure. i’m thinking…


When we wait, we:

  1. go back and forth staring at the ground then the sky. the sunrise. the sunset.
  2. stare out the window.
  3. listen closely to other people’s conversations. at the supermarket. in the subway.
  4. read any thing with ingredients. a recipe. vitamin bottles.
  5. doodle. scribble. look for meaningful words. funny words.
  6. stare at people’s shoes in the elevator. or in the subway. or in line.
  7. talk to strangers.
  8. compulsively read through our calendar.
  9. look compulsively at our phone.
  10. look compulsively at our watch. or the noisy clock on the wall.
  11. get sick to our stomachs wondering where all the action is and why we’re waiting and if it’s worth the wait.
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