the day is done

late afternoon comes with cooler breeze
and it’s cold and you’re not sure if you’ll get by.
in the morning you had it all figured out.
but, now, your thoughts are colder than the day is long.

the sun has gone down and the street lights are on
and you sit and think of all that will be won and lost.
in the morning you could do it all.
but, now, the silent sets in and it’s louder than you expected.

dinner time comes around and the clock on the kitchen wall is ticking
and you hope you’ve accomplished your intentions.
in the morning everything seemed possible.
but, now, the cabinets are empty and your brain blank.

night time rushes in and you’re slower than usual
but you crawl through it and hope your knees don’t bleed.
in the morning you had immeasurable strength
but, now, the cold and fear have slowed you down

and, now, the day is done.
and, as you settle down, you wish for adrenaline.
and you’ll get another day powered by you.
and, in the morning, you will do it all.

fragrant morning busy bee sucking nectar

fragrant morning

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2 comments for “the day is done

  1. Steve
    February 19, 2015 at 06:30

    Rejuvenation, fresh charge, a warm morning light…I wish you a beautiful morning, Laura.

    • laura
      February 19, 2015 at 15:41

      Hi, Steve.
      oh, thank you.

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