Sometimes you have to escape,
and detach, and distance yourself for a little while.

Sometimes we have to
go free and wild.

Distance yourself.
It’s good for your health and good for your soul.

Distance yourself.
And, let them know how very real you are.

Show them there’s a little more depth to you.
More than they can see and feel.
Have them open their eyes wide.
Have them wonder what you’ve done.
Let them ask themselves, “How’d she do that?!”
Let them think you’re magical. And scandalous.

Let them think you have powers beyond this dimension.
And, maybe ruffle some feathers.
Or, just ruffle your own.

Still, sometimes you have to be careful.
You never know in what dimension you might end up.

Risk getting lost.
But, light a candle for good wishes, you know, “Por si las moscas!”