the grand state of being a perpetual beginner

I’m not fond of the words novice or newbie. (well, I don’t completely hate them, but I prefer other words!)
I like the word beginner.
I’m not sure that I’m a beginner at everything, but I like to look at things as if it’s the first time or as if it’s the last time I’ll see them. I want to think I do this, anyway.
I like to start new things, ideas, projects…I love to be a beginner. To be clear, this doesn’t mean I’m staying idle or abandoning and leaving things incomplete.
And, I’m not using phrases like, “not today, I’m too busy,” “not today, I’m too broke,” “not today, I have to put my priorities in order,” as excuses not to push myself to higher levels and higher grounds, either.
If and when I do find an excuse, I’ll be more like, “no, not today, but, tomorrow, definitely. Maybe.” (Ha!)

Yes, there is something to be said about being good, then better, and, finally the best at least in one thing. So, I know I can be best when I try new things. :)

So, because there’s something to be said about perpetual beginners. I like being a beginner.
I’m just wanting to regress from being the jaded, cynical person I tend to be. Or the person I am. (i still roll my eyes. I can’t help that.)

First off, I don’t do the things I do to be the best. I never have. (Yes, that’s unfortunate!)
I want to be the best at something one day. Well, maybe not today, but, tomorrow, definitely. Maybe.

I do things for fun, and for the experience, and for the “meh, how hard can that be?!”.
For me, being a beginner is a pretty good thing. I like that you feel that the world is yours. The possibilities can be endless. Maybe it means your interests are expanding and that you’re open to trying new things. I don’t know. But, it’s great when you see all the “hey, let’s try that!” experiences, with enthusiasm and vulnerability.  A constant state of being a perpetual beginner may not make you an expert at anything, but it prevents things from getting dull and stale.

John: How was the marathon, Laura?
Me: (feeling ache-y with a bit of unexplained random sadness) marathon running is for losers!
April: Can’t believe you ran a marathon. Bucket list?
Me: No but mt Whitney is on my bucket list, and I’m recruiting hiking enthusiasts. Interested?!
John: Let’s do it!
April: um…
Husband: I’ll be at the coffee shop in Lonepine with pancakes and waffles and bacon
John: We’re going to need it! I’m in!
Me: (gleaming and snoopy dance) Yay. Hiking peeps!

Our San Gabriel Peak, Mt, Lowe day:

This was day one of ‘let’s see how high I can walk…” and how a humble training schedule for beautiful mt Whitney trails begins.

day pack near san gabriel peak

my day pack.



P1340975-hiking love notes

signed at mt lowe. 5603 ft (1708 m)


april looking at the road behind… going up san gabriel peak. we did 20 miles this day…starting in the flat area.

Our Cucamonga peak hike.



John taking a talking break… going up to beautiful Cucamonga peak.


look babies… I’m in a cloud. on my way to cucamonga peak.



We made it to the top! Cucamonga summit. covered in lovelyness


We made it to the top! Cucamonga summit. covered in loveliness


(Cucamonga Peak) John and April coming down the summit in the rain and in the fog.


(Cucamonga Peak) John spotted a heart. it caused a traffic jam in our very narrow trail. love the armoring here.


April shoots us. John and I enjoying the mist




Mt Lowe Peak 5603 ft (1708 m)
San Gabriel Peak 6164 ft (1,879 m)
Cucamonga Peak 8862 ft (2,701 m)


When you see places, I mean, see places like these and you feel your body working hard, you wonder, “hmm why would anyone want to hurt a baby…?”
Ha. Or something like that. I like mountains. And nature. Dammit.

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