the mysterious ways of pious women

are there rules of the pious life?
do you (daily) have to say: thank  you  lord for…
or: let’s pray to the lord that…
maybe: i’ll do this for the lord…

dios mio! that seems so selfish of the lord.
and….i think i am already full of grace. haha. but really, i am. and full of modesty, too.
should i have to beg Him to fill me with His grace?
i do like the rosaries, though.
not the crucifix. don’t care for those. that is just plain sad. like watching roadkill or a baby being spanked.

and when i hear all the prayer and worship during a rosary,  it almost feels like i’m at a concert but no one is smiling. i get so nervous ..i want to laugh hysterically or cry or giggle or nod my head and yell out, “seriously? come on…we are not ‘sinners’ we just have faults. be happy and be a good member of society… i think your god would be okay with that, he doesn’t want you to feel all sad and guilty. please people!, Now, gimme here that purrty rosary and let me where it out tonite….”

and also… im sure if you’re a good member of society…a good person with a few minor faults….i’m sure the pearly gates will be opened for you. :)

be good. be happy.

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