the reality-based right thinker.

Start of many thoughts , too.

are you a left brain or right brain thinker?
or a whole brain thinker?
I think I am more right brain. but i’d like to think i’m whole brain.
i am a reality-based right thinker. i think.
and if you’re reading this (you know who you are), you will agree with me. :)

i can figure things out by looking at how they are made…
figure people out, i mean. (you (!!) would know that, old boss)

although, i may not be sequential…i think i can still be pretty logical…and, okay (!) random , too. but logically random.

sometimes i can live in a dream and day dream and stare into the ocean and lose myself in my random heavy* profound thoughts, and,  still, have two feet on the ground in the real world.
but then , i say, ‘fuck the real world. hush heavy heavy-ness and let me dream, dammit.
and …c’mere and join me in my randomness for awhile…before we have to go back to work.”
that’s what i say to myself and to you and to my random thought(s).

my brain is a butterfly. a flutter butter…gooey mess.
they say i spin right. but i don’t believe that stuff. i may spin left.
stuff like that makes no sense to me. i spin any way my brain tells me. some times i even jump while spinning.

also… i lean left. i’m not so left that i am almost right, though. to be clear. i’m a not a rightwingleftist. just left. i’ll meet you in the center if you want. if you’re cool enough.

*so heavy they weigh me down. it’s not the leftovers or the extra half and half in my coffee that weighs me down. it’s the thoughts. to be clear.

i saw this sign. and my thought was: “oooooh heart!”. then my eyes moved left. stopped at the E. and my brain continued… “What? E=oui heart shape???huh? hmm…i thought E=mc2…” and so on and so on.
and i sighed after Alex, said… “Mom, it’s a cheesy sign.” I read all of it. full of cheese for sure.
the sign said YOU+ME=Oui. ha.

E=oui <3 or E= mc2 or E=qv Electronvolt (eV) or something complicated like that


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2 comments for “the reality-based right thinker.

  1. steve
    December 1, 2014 at 21:02

    Reality is going to happen regardless…dreams are all you own…let me dream, DAMNIT! ;) (I wasn’t yelling, I swear I wasn’t)

    • laura
      December 1, 2014 at 22:26

      keep on dreaming… dammit. DREAM on. :)
      (i was screaming, btw)

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