the secrets and half-truths and a bit of detachment

when we keep secrets and only tell half truths… we’re tend to detach ourselves.
the more honest ones will separate ourselves from those who wholeheartedly and repeatedly tell us little lies after lies after lies.
it’s fun while it lasts. but it’s superfluous  and boring after a while.

As much as it gets tiring to tell a lie or to keep secrets….it is tiring to hear them and/or learn about them later. pppft….it loses it’s worth.
as adults , we know that telling a lie is wrong. still, when it comes to avoiding trouble or saving face or making our lives sound more exciting or in some cases less exciting and possibly making our lives a little more dull ….we lie. what?! yes. we lie. lie , lie, lie.

we lie about love or money. we hide complete information about this. we lie to our spouses or bosses or friends and family…
we get caught up and tangled and confused between fact and fiction… we feel the need to avoid responsibility …or own it. we omit the details in truth and , if needed,  fill in some gaps with sweet  lies. pushing and shoving lies is those empty little lonely spaces.

it gets tiring for the rest of us.  you lie so much and you hear others lie so much begin to detach yourself. unaware of  your detachment and inability to tell the truth… you begin leave others. you stop talking to the people who already  ‘know’ you best. you begin to put up a half wall and  begin to half talk to new people. sometimes you socialize from a distance and maybe online. you make new ‘friends’ and start a limited relationship controlled by lies or detachment or half-truths.  and sometimes you begin to create a new person. you recreate yourself or even create ideas or a make up a past of some sort. you begin a new life. a temporary one with new, but temporary loves or friends. wow!  sounds fun to be able to play different roles….
(and you may not even realise it. you may not realise that you are in serious need of a couch and a talk)

the multiple people inside of you...

but having different acting makes me think of how easy and pretty cool it must be to be able to temporarily depart from reality. a bit of getting paid for being a dissociative liar. well, sort of. then i think of all the walking personalities out there.
people with multiple personalities… wow. how complex!

it’s been said that i can be discreet about knowing people with more than one or five different persons. i wish they’d come out and admit they have this genius yet hard to handle disorder. i’m not sure why…but i like to interact with them. it’s almost like having various friends. it really is fascinating. but it is quite annoying when some of these ‘friends’ become irate and stop calling you. i wish the friendlier person would take over the brain and return my calls. :) But as fascinating as it is… it seems to me that it is not fun when you prefer to know only one person in one body.

but all this… is still detachment.

the lower floor.

you get tired…. you get tired of playing with all the personalities and i’m sure you get tired of playing all the roles.
you feel isolated in both cases…as the ‘victim’ and as the ‘actor’.
you begin to wither.
don’t wither away.
honesty is still the best policy.
just say it. say and seek the truth. maybe. :)

liars….actors…hypocrites…. fascinating… such an interesting industry, job, person.
“A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes” – mark twain

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2 comments for “the secrets and half-truths and a bit of detachment

  1. Isabel
    June 25, 2013 at 09:46

    I love this piece!
    The bravest thing in the world is to be real.

    • laura
      July 1, 2013 at 12:32

      hi :)
      Thanks Isabel! and thanks for dropping by here. can’t wait to shoot with you again. and surf with you too :)

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