the thing about wine and relations

A glass of good wine will let you forgive and forget, even your worst relations. Maybe.
But, sometimes,
it will make you remember the good and the bad alike.
It will help you lure others into your way of thinking.
It will make you pouty and shed a bucket of tears when no-one thinks like or agrees with you. Or, because of other things forgotten or missing.
It will make you roll your eyes, and at the same time, somehow, sympathize with the cry-babies. (ah sweetheart, dry your eyes, gah!)
it will make you see, that in all their glory,  friendships and family and relations (and you!) are all dysfunctional.

But, a glass of bad wine will make you spit and spray it out, and hopefully, the only thing in front of you is a lousy relation or an ex-friend or their new carpet or their new shoes.
Bad wine. Shame on you.

But, then, that evil, lousy wine, let’s you open a  better bottle of wine.

What I’m trying to say (in between hics) is,
wine, well, it’s like a hero.  :)

(I’m sure there’s a bumper sticker or something.)
And another nonsensical daily note, I saw this bumper sticker is,
“you’ve been a bad bad boy! Now go to my room”, I thought that was funny.

And, sometimes, wine makes you miss things. Human things. Maybe.


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