the things i carry with me, por si las moscas

in my purse or in the car…

1. sometimes i get so stressed i can’t breath. or if i go for an unexpected run and the asthma hits me and i need a quick fix…i carry my inhaler…just in case.

2. if i need to make a call, or the kids need me while i’m out,  i have my fone.  always… just in case.

3. if there’s nothing good on the radio and npr (which i dig) is not entertaining enough, i carry my ipod… just in case. (actually, mine was stolen so now i carry my daughter’s nano)

4 if my lips are feeling dull or unattractive i carry a lip balm and my lipstick (or two )… just in case

5. if want to go out for run,  or need to run after someone (or from someone),  i carry my tenis in the car… just in case.

6. hmmm…we might get minor cuts or scratches… so i have bandages and neosporing…just in case

7. if alex feels low…the glucose tablets are with me …just in case.

8. bugs love to attack me and i MUST carry the bug spray …¡ por si las moscas !

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