This Little Piggy…

Topanga Cyn, Flying Pig

Topanga Cyn, Flying Pig

You’re told over and over, “never wrestle with pigs…”
but, you’re never told not to fly with them. :)
This little piggy went wee wee wee.

Just an easy drive on Topanga Cyn and there’s always time to admire this little pig. I think this piggy has been photographed over and over and it never gets old.
(Get Pink Floyd out of your head, though)

The pig provides a sense of direction.
“Hey, where are you ?”
“Driving down Topanga”
“Are you almost here?”
“Almost, we just passed the Pig .”
“Oh, cool. so, not too far.”

I think every town should have a pig.
Well, this kind of pig, anyway, this one doesn’t grunt and make a mess everywhere.

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