unfinished business




You can change your mind, but you can’t change your heart.
Or something, right?

Yesterday morning on the bike path I took a foto of bleu mustang.
Pretty car. Hot car, actually.

An older gentleman standing to my right, asks me, “You like it ?”
And, of course, I said, “Uh huh, she’s pretty.”

Well, for about 90 seconds, our conversation was as follows:

I was going to get one.

Was going?

Yes, my wife didn’t want me to be unreasonable so, I didn’t.

Oh, well. Maybe another time?

Once in a while I go and look at some antique cars in the Inland Empire and sit inside just to get a thrill.

Well, I guess sometimes a thrill is good enough.

No ma’am*. A thrill is not enough.
If that’s all you can get, then,
well, it’s sad really. If you have a desire for something then a thrill is just unfinished business.

At least your wife is happy. Happy wife means happy life, right ?

What does it matter to say ‘okay, dear’ if you’re going to regret it?

Yikes, maybe you should stay away from these cars if they just remind you of regret. ( I giggled, but I wanted to hit him over the head.)

No ma’am*. They remind me I’ve failed.

Oh no! I’m sure you didn’t fail.

You, young lady**, make sure you don’t have any unfinished business.

Yeah. No. I don’t. I won’t. (THOUGHT: Gah, it was too early for this. I mean I just want to take a foto an add it to the bleu pack.)


That conversation seems like it was somewhat of a downer. It wasn’t. It was cute.
His voice was gentle, and he wasn’t weary or upset.
He was just soft-spoken and, in his way, a little wise and a lot of matter-of-fact.
Maybe I’ll see him next time I’m there. Maybe. Maybe I’ll take his picture.

I didn’t take his picture, but I have this picture I took of this other man in manhattan beach, and it reminded me a little of the man on the bike path.

*What the? Did he just call me ma’am ?! Gah!

**He said that! And I wanted to say, “Wait a minute, say that again! You know, the ‘young’ part not the ‘unfinished business.’

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  1. Steve
    July 24, 2015 at 11:27

    Always finish your business…

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