Searching for a better fortune.

These aren’t fortunes; They’re stupid , shitty words. The numbers are all wrong, too. There is no 7, no 5, and no other fortunate numbers here. 

I’ll start making my own fortunes. They’ll include greed, enemies, witches, burning, death, bats and rats. And, poison.

Although It’s not really a fortune, I’ll include this one, “Dear God: You do such wonderful things for complete strangers; why not for me?” I read this on a bumper sticker once.

Cookie flavors will be dark chocolate and ginger.
BUT, until I can come up with some original and actual fortunes here’s another:

“Poets are shameless with their experiences: they exploit them”
Or maybe I can rewrite it,  “You will be a poor poet (or fotographer) and some ass will exploit your experiences.” —LB