up and down

P1670728-trees and a kiss at the bridge and the rainforest at fryman cyn


When you pace a room,
you pace up and down a hallway,
and you look back,
you see all those terrible things left behind.
Some things, you feel guilty about.
Some things, you feel sad about.
Some things, you feel weren’t taken care of properly.
They are still there.
All those things that make you worry are there.
And they’re running behind you. (run faster!!! they’re catching up!)
they’re pacing up and down with you.

You should
turn around,
face them,
and take care of them. (Just don’t feed them.)
then your mind will be free. (FREEEEEE!)
And when you pace up and down, again,
this time you will go further up.
A little less down.
Or something like that.



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