what’s on your mind?


sometimes i wish i could jump inside your brain and see what you’re thinking. what you’re feeling.

i see people and i wish i could travel inside them.
i want to feel what the little girl at CHLA feels and what the man sleeping on the bench feels. and what that 14 year old in love feels. and what that lady standing in the middle of the parking lot desperately looking in her huge bag for her car keys feels. i want to be them for a while. just enough to soak in their thoughts, and their feelings.

and your thoughts and your feelings , too.

what are you thinking and what’s in your head. and when you touch or are touched what do you feel?
and if i was able to , i wonder if i can retell what you and they felt?


pardon me, my curiosity is showing ….
and i don’t mean to stare at you,
while you’re sitting here , across …in front of me… glancing and lighting up…
i want to know what’s in your head?

(sorry, there’s no cure for curiosity)

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