Make sure they’re the freaky kind, and that you can shake hands with it.

AND then:

  1. Reminisce of the times you made your little sisters suck on them…oh, the good old days.
  2. Squeeze them into someone’s cut, and run.
  3. Squirt some into someone’s eye, and watch their expression.
  4. Get some salt and pucker up, but wish you were handed the green lemons instead (some call them limes)
  5. Get some vodka and invite your friends. 
  6. (If you must), take the damn lemons and be thankful for the vitamin c.
  7.  Continue with the sour attitude and please don’t make lemonade. Yuk.
  8. Use the zest. limoncello? no.

Si la vie vous offre de citron , faîtes de la limonade !? limongina? citrongina?
Hmmm. Orangina would taste better without the mandarin and lemon juice.
No lemons! Demand…pomegranates

Foto of a citron, Buddha’s Hand Citron Citrus Medica take a  look at these not so lady fingers…