when things are messy i iron iron iron.

looking for faith(ful) iron man. i have a wrinkle or two.
fe, chemical-iron.
fe, faith.
or am i ironman fe+male? hmm… well, then, nevermind.

but i’ll go to the dry cleaners instead…i don’t do that ironing stuff. meh!

ironing table
(actually, i do. i iron. yes, i do.)
because when things are messy … i think to myself: just iron. iron. iron.

maybe i just think it and not actually do it.
but… meh, thinking about it sounds good enough. ;)

or I sit alone. and maybe lie down on a bench or on the grass or the ground…
i look up and hope that the sky is empty so i can look up and have nothing to see or nothing to count or nothing to look for.

or … maybe… i run.

or … i add water to the iron so that i can see and hear the steam when i gently tip the iron down a little. or when i press the steam button… i love that sound….sounds like a train station.

or … if you bring me your pants, i can iron them for you…
*bats eyelashes*

(yes, after all that ‘bummer-ish’ that’s how i say happy Valentine’s day.
now , unzip and take off your pants and i’ll iron them for you.)
:) hee.
/sillyness and the urge to iron your pants.

gah! Good grief!
all finished for vday. well, at least I tried.
So… Meh…. whateves!


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