whistlers and the psychopaths that surround us. (day11)

it’s important you notice who they are. on the phone, on tv, on your street, by the river…psychos.
when i was younger , the people (especially men) that whistled made me think of those italian workers. labor workers. happy people whistling. i loved it. reminds me of walking in paris and hearing some of the italian immigrants whistling while they sandblasted some building. or walking in Lausanne and …well, same thing.

Now, i just freak out. If I hear a person whistling i get chills down my spine. more so when i’m running or jogging… gah! freaks me out.

But, i love Psycho. I love when he whistles.
And I love this foto and the man makes a good looking norman bates. :)

norman bates, psycho at universal studios.

norman bates, psycho at universal studios.

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