you bug me. don’t call me or text me or email me

and these posts aren’t about you. but if you think it’s about you then you think highly of yourself.
hmmm… and you are feeling guilty about something.

and if you wanna come hang out,  don’t come and sit on my couch and text and chat the whole time you’re here…

and if you call me with a blocked number, i won’t answer.
damn, i don’t even answer for some people i know.

and don’t call me to tell me you texted me or that you sent me an email.

and don’t call me to ask me if was serious or just being sarcastic. if you have to ask…then you’re a painintheass.

and don’t call because i’ll say something i won’t regret.
in fact, don’t call me unless you want someone to laugh at you.
so, don’t call me ‘mean’…
i’m not mean… just colorful and as moody as you. maybe.

toy telephone
/vomit (and throw up and some spit.)

(now, go clean yourself up!)

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