you weren’t around, but…

I want to tell you something.
Smoke signals dissipate.
So I took a foto or two.
And well, I made some postcards.

Dear person who lives down the street, and around the corner and over the hill, across the road, on the other side of the train tracks,
and through the seas and lakes and cloudy skies, upstairs.

Hello, I hope you’re fine. Put your sneakers on and take a walk.
And I’ll follow you.
Put your music on, in your ears or your mind, and take a walk.
And I’ll follow you.

Oh, wow, the mornings, here, are lovely. Full of smog, a few transients,
moms pushing strollers, a few golfers around and some joggers.
The birds chirp and the trees sway even on a very still morning.
If you’re lucky, you may see a hawk flying above. A red tail, not a turkey hawk.

It is summertime and traffic is lighter, so, somehow things and
schedules are scattered but easier.
But the smog still lingers even when L.A. is on vacation,
or sleeping in an air-conditioned room, smog doesn’t rest.
Oh, smog, give it a rest!
You can’t possibly take my breath away, again.


Sometimes there are rattlesnakes. Be careful.
And sometimes it feels like earthquake weather.
Also, fire season is never-ending.

I changed my mind. I won’t follow you.
But, you can follow me instead.  :))


running the path running the path running the path

/The wish you were here postcards

From the California board of tourism., though, that would be too long to write in the back of one post cart. three postcards needed. :)

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