your life inside simple episodes



It’s a bit mad and unreasonable, no?
But, sometimes that’s how we can be. A little nutty and irrational at times.

I mean to think that.
sometimes things that feel so powerful and, to us, are so vital, like love or being in love, and friends, and family, take up our entire life.

While, sadly, others only see these things as some trivial little episodes they’re participating in at the moment. Or just see themselves as merely passing by in our life.
And that is when it hits you. It’s a different schedule you’re following; it’s someone else’s agenda.  And, you have to get back on track. And, fast!
Let’s just run a little. (Running: not to be confused with avoidance)

Before you give up all your secrets, let them all spill on the concrete and let them break into little bits and pieces. And just let them stay on the path behind you.
Someday, another time, come back for them and put them back together and make something pretty with them.

Like a building. someday

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