take a  long break from...

frantically chasing productivity.

Things happen. Sometimes, bad things happen. It’s kind of funny–come on, we’ll laugh about it. later

Roses are red and violets are bleu.
Um, get out of here with your flowers.
Leave me alone.

I take a picture, and write a six-word story, write a poem, haiku, flash fiction, micro novels and few word essays. Very short stories. 

The girl in a rush…That’s it!

Hey, I think you should answer them.
Ever wonder a thing or two about someone? Here are a few questions you can ask them. 

I mean, if you’re curious, why not ask. Stop wondering. Just ask.

My Sunday Best

I don’t wear it, but I post it.
Not always, but, I  do try to show off my Sunday best.
When I remember.


I know there’s meaning behind some things. But there’s also meaning in nothing. Please don’t leave or nod your head or roll your eyes— this is really nothing, but it has a bit meaning.


One day, I’ll figure it out — I’ll write it down. I’ll check things off my list. One day, for sure. Maybe not today, or perhaps not right now. Maybe not in a minute and not yesterday, but, tomorrow, definitely.

The art of procrastination is underrated. And just because I don’t finish one thing, doesn’t mean I don’t finish another. I did clean my closet, I did write that other article… yet I didn’t to the most important thing. I’ll get to it tomorrow, definitely.


The pursuit of happiness-ish

I dream. You dream...

“When I feel Useless I arrange flowers in a repurposed milk jar”

and more haiku

¡Por Si Las Moscas!

Carry your bug spray, don’t step on a crack, eat your lentils and grapes, don’t walk under a ladder, you know, just in case.

In case you missed it...
Here's the latest post.


A Daily Note is a little like an after party with or without drunks. Just a few good friends with some leftover afterthoughts. I write a few words here and there. Sometimes I spit them out and vomit all over the place. Still, I welcome you to my mess.

I babble, and I keep it real though, so all these words are from my heart. Maybe you’ll get a chuckle or sigh or roll your eyes around here. With these words, you’ll also find the pictures I take…

There’s a bottle of rum here somewhere. So, help yourself and make yourself comfortable.

I’m happy you’re here.